Musical Instruments

ShahrAashoob” family, that is alike violin family, consists of instruments in four different sizes; in ascending order the are as follows: soprano, alto, bass and double-bass.

The bass instrument is named “Shahnavaaz” and the double-bass, “Shahbaang”. The front plate is entirely of goat or lamb skin and the body is made of different types of wood such as: walnut, mulberry, ash and maple. These instruments offer the functionality of violin family with eastern musical color. Furthermore, playing the Shahbaang and Shahnavaaz is more convenient and in comparison to cello and contrabass, they weigh less and are smaller in dimensions, therefore, they can be moved with less difficulties in transports and travels.

The soprano and alto instruments can be played alike “Kamancheh”. In addition, via changing the skin, bridge or the soundboard beneath the bridge in each of these four instruments, you will be able to modify their musical color according to your taste. A feature that is not offered by violin family.